Engine 121

Engine 121 also known as the "Rocket" has a 515 HP Detroit Diesel Series 60 motor with a Allison HD transmission. This Wagon has a 1750 GPM pump and 750 gallon tank. It carries for supply line 1200 feet of 5" and 500 feet of 3" with a gated Wye attached for leader line operations. Attack lines that can be ran consist of 1- 1 3/4" 150 foot bumper line, 2- 1 3/4" 200 foot side stacked minute man crosslays (One off each side), 1- 1 3/4" 300 foot minute man rear line, and 1- 2 1/2" 250 foot minute man rear line w/ smooth bore nozzle. This piece carries 2- 4' hooks and 2- 6' hooks mounted on the backside of cab for easy deployment as well as a set of irons mounted in the cab (diamond plate box). 121 also carries BLS medical supplies for first responder medical locals, PFD's, brush packs, hydra-ram, water can, ABC extinguisher, CO2 extinguisher and various other short shots of hose and appliances. The on board scene lighting is powered by a 6 KW Harrison generator. Engine 121 & Engine 122 switch each month one which engine runs first out the door unless their are multiple crews in station. 121 is known for being a quick and very easy to work off engine company on the fireground.

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